Mirage Software V-4 (Epson and Canon versions)
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Mirage Software V-4 (Epson and Canon versions)

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Mirage software was developed by Dinax in Germany and is a software program with one of the easiest user interfaces for streamlining your printing needs. Never again should you waste excessive paper, print with the wrong profile, or make the error of getting the combinations of profile and media setting wrong. Mirage is built around the ICC system for colour management and uses components of the manufacturers' own print drivers. Mirage software can nest multiple images, automatically trim the paper feed to the optimum length, mirror the image edges for canvas wraps, print overlaps on strips for wallpaper manufacture, print multiple sizes of the same images, and make batch corrections such as lightening images for printing to match "normal lighting" conditions in Ireland. All or some of these settings can also be saved to repeat over and over again. As it is based on the ICC for colour, you can import any ICC profile for any paper into the software. We sell the license for use as a dongle version (Flash Key) which enables the user to print from any machine that the dongle is plugged into (Mac and PC). It works as a stand-alone program and as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Lightroom support can be added as an upgrade.

Mirage comes in several different versions based on the machine manufacturer and the maximum width of the printer. 13" Canon printers are not supported on the Macintosh OS. Windows 10 is fully functional. 

***It has come to our attention that some of the latest Apple Macintosh computers using the M1 chip and running OS 12.0 - 12.5 or higher, may have difficulty using the standard Epson large format printer's driver and as a workaround, Mirage appears to work fine with these Macs***

N.B. Products are currently only available to the island of Ireland.