Ilford Galerie Tesuki Washi Echizen 110gsm.
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Ilford Galerie Tesuki Washi Echizen 110gsm.

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Ilford Galerie Tesuki-Washi Echizen 110 gsm paper has a traditional Japanese Washi base with a truly unique textured surface. It is produced in the traditional Japanese way using 40% mulberry and 60% hemp. The Echizen area, where the washi base paper is produced, has a history spanning over 1500 years. As with all the finest papers, it contains no optical brighteners and is acid-free and meets the highest standards for long-life print production. It has a quality inkjet coating which also ensures a wide colour gamut with great detail in black and dark areas. 

Available in 10-sheet form only.

N.B. Products are currently only available to the Island of Ireland.