***Wishing all our customers the very best for Christmas and the New Year******
***Wishing all our customers the very best for Christmas and the New Year******
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The SR71 and photography. From Butterflies to Blackbirds!

Brian Shul Butterflies to blackbirds SR71

While growing up in Ireland, I had a favourite uncle, George, who lived in America. He was 54 years old when I was born but lived for a further 53 years. George was a fascinating man in all respects. He had studied aircraft engineering under the man who made the engine for the Wright brothers plane, moved in all aspects of American society and knew Edsel Ford (Son of Henry) personally. Involved with aircraft all his life he regaled me with fascinating stories of aircraft during his trips back home in the 70's. One story was of the Lockheed SR71 Blackbird which he said was so fast that they never admitted how fast it went. However, he knew then that it went at least mach 3, or three times the sound of speed.

I was fascinated by this aircraft and did actually get to see one in the early 90's and had things been different I would have loved to have been a pilot in one of them. Little did I know, that when I looked up at contrails high up in the sky wondering if one of them could belong to an SR71, that in the cockpit of one SR71 was a pilot who would have loved to have been a photographer! Today he is. Sit back, grab a coffee and listen to this remarkable pilot, Major Brian Shul, talk about flying the SR71 and his fabulous photographs.

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