The Epson Surecolor P900 has arrived

After a very long wait the elusive Epson Surecolor P900 printer has finally arrived in Ireland. Five units arrived last Friday and all our patiently waiting customers are now supplied. 

So what is the verdict? So far all is very positive with quotes such as "First, trial run print! Yeah?",  "Just ran a few A4 prints so far on the P900, initial thoughts are really good" and  "Ease of use though on the P900 is way better so far. I'm really liking the wireless aspect." when compared to the Epson 3880. I even got a screen grab from one customer who was concerned that reports were that the inks would be exhausted before any real prints were done and delighted to say that even though the initial cartridges are really only starter ones, he still has about 1/3 of ink showing on the display.

Order your P900 or indeed it's smaller brother the P700 for our next delivery which is due in November. First come first served!

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