Epson Surecolor P9500 44", 12 ink Printer.
Epson Surecolor P9500 44", 12 ink Printer.
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Epson Surecolor P9500 44", 12 ink Printer.

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The Epson Surecolor P9500 is the latest generation photographic printer from Epson winning the prestigious Red Dot design award in March 2020. It features a 44" wide roll capacity and an ability to easily be sheetfed and for the first time ever a 12 ink system with no requirement to change between matte and photo black inks.

The Epson SC-P9500 features revised inks, called Ultrachrome Pro12 inks which include orange, green, and violet inks and is considerably faster than the previous models. The SC-P9500 takes all roll sizes up to 44" (1118mm) rolls and can print on single sheets from A4 upwards. It features dust sealing throughout and the Spectraproofer version can be configured to profile any kind of media. The SCP 9500 can print up to 99% of the Pantone colour range on selected papers.

We offer an additional install service and training within Ireland for this printer should you require it, and this will help you to get up and running within the shortest time while giving important operating information and usage tips. You can download a brochure here.

N.B. Products are currently only available to the Island of Ireland.

Please check out the video below, noting the American names instead of the EU names.