Ilford Galerie Raster Silk 290gsm
Ilford Galerie Raster Silk 290gsm
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Ilford Galerie Raster Silk 290gsm

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Ilford Galerie Raster Silk 290gsm paper is a mechanical textured paper that has a unique property! It is difficult to scan. The texture is similar to a colour, Agfa paper from the 70's that proved to be difficult to scan also. Looking at it straight on the image is clear and defined but when viewed at a slight angle the texture is noticeable but not obtrusive and it is this property that causes problems when trying to copy the images. Very similar to conventional Luster and Satin type papers, it prints beautifully and has a wide colour gamut. Ideally suited to the production of school, sports and communion type images where revenue is often lost through unauthorised duplication.

Stocked in sheet only form but also available by special order in roll form.

You can download ICC profiles by clicking here.

N.B. Products are currently only available to the Island of Ireland.