***Wishing all our customers a Very Happy 2023***
***Wishing all our customers a Very Happy 2023***
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Photosynth, Seadragon, and Flickr and..............

If you're a Flickr user then be prepared to see your images pop up where you least expect them! I remember seeing this software product launch about 2 years ago but would you believe it was first shown in 2006! Check out what can happen to your images it you don't read the terms and conditions when joining and using social media sites. If you thought "Google Street View" was cool then check out Photosynth and Seadragon here. As I write the Flickr home page tells me that it has had 3,053 uploads in the last minute, 160,129 things tagged with morning, and 3.9 million geotagged this month things. I'm sure you will agree that that is a lot of images. I wonder where they buy their hard drives?

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