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Web images looking way too saturated on wide gamut monitors?

Saturated web images on wide gamut monitors

Have you suffered the same problem that when you view images on the web that they appear to glow with extra saturation. If so then read on as I hope you will find the solutions below.
Monitors today can be classed in three categories, namely standard, wide and ultra-wide gamut monitors. Standard Gamut Monitors which are by far the most common attain in or around the sRGB colour space (average range of colour). Wide Gamut Monitors attain around about 98% of the colours found in the Adobe 1998 colour space and Wide Gamut Monitors (very rare indeed) exceed the Adobe 1998 colour space and as I write that is about 8% extra colour.
The problem of images when viewed on the web first came to my attention when I uploaded some images and viewed them on a wide gamut monitor where they appeared to have gained saturation by an alarming amount. This happened to be an old Macintosh running OSX10.4 and a Lacie 324i monitor (attains about 98% of the adobe space) and viewing through Firefox. After googling for a bit I came to the conclusion that there were no answers out there for me although there were plenty of answers for the opposite where colours were loosing their saturation. This opposite problem is generally down to saving images with the Adobe 1998 or similar profile and not using the web standard sRGB space.
Back to the case in hand however and when images tagged with the sRGB profile are viewed on a standard monitor the images appear fine so why is it that on a wide gamut monitor images do they gain in saturation? This took on a greater degree of a problem when we installed a LaCie 724 Ulra-Wide Gamut monitor. We calibrated this monitor using a Datacolor Spyder3 Elite with the colour profile mode set to v4 profile instead of the older v2 profile.and although images in Lightroom and Photoshop looked great and printed very, very close to the soft proof image they were a mile away in both Safari and Firefox but once again on a standard monitor on a different computer they did appear fine. Up until now I had resigned myself to the fact that wide/ultra wide gamut monitors should not be used to view images on the web as generally the web is not really considered to be colour managed.
However I now have the solution:  Do not generate v4 profiles on older computers as some programs may not read them correctly and secondly you need to setup Firefox to correctly  use color management by typing into the address bar: " about:config " without the inverted comas, accept the warning, and then scrolling to " gfx.color_management.mode " and after clicking on it change the number to " 1 ".  Problem solved for me anyway and I hope this works for others too.

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