***Wishing all our customers the very best for the New Year******
***Wishing all our customers the very best for the New Year******
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Keeping up with Google!

Sligo Stitch

A few years back I found myself driving in the wilds of Kilkenny, lost. I reached for my map to find I had left it at home and now I was really lost. My new Android Samsung phone had navigation built in so I activated it, type in where I wanted to go and..........nothing happened! Just and update icon appeared. I drove on till I reached a crossroads and my phone belted out "At the junction turn right". I was amazed that suddenly my phone was a GPS device, mostly thanks to Google.

Move forward 7 years or so and I find myself taking pictures in Sligo. Late at night on the new quayside by the Garavogue river and I decide to do a panorama type image, hand held of the various bars and lights across the river. I shot this in about 6 different frames with the intention to stitch them together later with Photoshop. With auto backup of images set to upload to Google+ I was amazed to see that Google recognised my poor panorama attempt and stitched the images for me to create the image you see here. All without me asking or doing anything! Frightening and amazing at the same time.

Sigo Stitch

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