***Wishing all our customers a Very Happy 2023***
***Wishing all our customers a Very Happy 2023***
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Picking a Paper!

Finding the correct paper for printing photographs on an inkjet printer!

It is one thing to have access to wonderful papers on which to make beautiful photographic prints but unless we have some guidelines as to what images look great on what papers we can find ourselves wasting a lot of valuable paper and ink before we find the right one. Googling "What is the best paper for my photograph" will bring up tons of answers but none of them express a method that helps you analyse a photograph to help you to match it to a suitable paper.

After years of experiments and recognising images that work better on certain papers, I have finally put my own thoughts down on how I choose a paper. I showed this recently to a gathering of about 60 photographers and the majority found it very easy to understand and very useful.

It works great about 90% of the time and I have attached a downloadable version of the "Sheldon Method" cheat sheet here.
If you agree or disagree with my findings then please do drop me a message. Like all rules in photography, they can be broken.

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