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Photosynth, Seadragon, and Flickr and..............

If you're a Flickr user then be prepared to see your images pop up where you least expect them! I remember seeing this software product launch about 2 years ago but would you believe it was first shown in 2006! Check out what can happen to your images it you don't read the terms and conditions when joining and using social media sites. If you thought "Google Street View" was cool then check out Photosynth and Seadragon here. As I write the Flickr home page tells me that it has had 3,053 uploads in the last minute, 160,129 things tagged...

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Motorcycle Alarm to protect your camera gear!

Some of you know that I am into motorbikes and yesterday I stumbled upon this padlock alarm . Now I already have a disc alarm but  thought this would make a good addition to my shed door or, and my reason for posting, for locking around a camera bag when stored in the boot of a car. It went on sale in Aldi stores countrywide on the 23rd of January so if you are reading this way in the future you are waaaay too late. €9.99  and it works.

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Vivian Maier, A photographer discovered.

I stumbled on this video of a previously unknown photographer, Vivian Maiers. A Chicago based collector, John Maloof bought a box of negatives for 400$ that could be worth over 30K$. He has since bought several other boxes of her processed and unprocessed negatives. I find it interesting that he is scanning all the images on an Epson V750 scanner and what looks like an Epson 2880, both of which we sell. Follow this link for more information.

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